Student Organizations


With about 30 active student organizations each semester, Student Life provides a range of opportunities for students to get involved. Student organizations have a significant impact in providing effective learning environments for students, preparing them to live in a multicultural society and work in a global community.

In addition to building lasting friendships, student organizations provide many benefits including serving as a medium for academic discourse, personal growth, leadership development, intercultural understanding and community service. Moreover, research suggests that involved students tend to perform better academically and are more likely to graduate when compared with their non-involved peers.

As defined, a student organization is an association of students created for any educational purpose that supports the vision and goals of the university. There are hundreds of students involved in organizations, ranging from Student Government, to ping pong club, to academic honoraries, and more.

To find an organization that fits you, visit the current student organization directory or learn how to start your own organization with the Student Organization Handbook.

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For current organizations looking to request use of their student organization funds, please visit the Student Organizations Request/Registration page.


Current Student Organizations

Student organizations can be an important part of your growth during your college career. Not only do they provide the resources needed to succeed in the world, they can give you some of the best people you’ve ever met, building friendships that last a lifetime.


Writing a Constitution

Constitution Template
Constitution Checklist

Constitution Header

The constitution guides an organization in its operations and activities and, accordingly, is intended primarily for the organization’s benefit and use. The constitution contains the fundamental principles and structure of the organization and outlines the basic rules of procedure by which a group’s leadership govern their organization.

In essence the constitution is an outline of the goals and the purpose of the organization, as well as the rules of the organization.