Future Students


At COTC, we want to learn more about you and provide information, education and opportunity to be part of your education journey. When we learn more about you, we can better assist and put you on the right path to success.


College Credit Plus (CCP)

What is College Credit Plus (CCP)?

College Credit Plus (CCP) is a program in the state of Ohio that provides opportunity for students in grades 7-12 to earn both high school and college credits at the same time. Students who are eligible to participate in CCP can pursue, and in some cases, complete a certificate or an associate degree while in high school. 


First Time College Students

Who is considered a first time college student?

Students who have never attended a college or university are considered first time college students.

Additionally, students who complete college classes while in middle/high school (through College Credit Plus) are also considered first time college students after high school graduation.


Students Returning to COTC

What is a returning student?

Students who completed college coursework at COTC after high school graduation, who stopped taking classes and want return or get re-enrolled at COTC.

Steps to re-enroll vary depending on when and under what circumstance a student stopped taking classes at COTC.  


Students Transferring to COTC

What is a transfer student?

Students who have earned college credits through another college or university can consider transferring to COTC and may be able to use existing credits already completed. Transfer credit is evaluated through official transcript review by the COTC Student Records office. Admissions Representatives and Academic Advisors in the Gateway Enrollment Center can assist and review unofficial transcripts to help give students an idea of what credits may transfer to COTC programs. 


Visiting Students

What is a visiting student?

Sometimes students attending another college or university want to take a class or two at another school. Visiting students can earn college credits at COTC to take back/transfer to another college/university. Visiting students are non-degree seeking, meaning they don’t intend to complete a certificate and/or degree at COTC.

Student at computer

What type of student am I?

Still need help understanding what type of student you are and what to do next?

Connect with our COTC Admissions team in the Gateway Enrollment Center. We’re here to make sure you are on the right college and career path to meet your educational goals. We can help you explore our academic programs, our beautiful campus locations, and how to get enrolled as a student at COTC. Students can schedule their own appointment to talk with an Admissions Representative.