Welcome to the Gateway


Our Enrollment Center Staff are here to help!

The Gateway is home to the offices of Admissions, College Credit Plus (CCP), Academic Advising and Retention, and Records. The Gateway strives to offer seamless service by centralizing key departments that students need as they pursue their educational goals.

Each of our four campus locations has a full-service Gateway so services are accessible no matter your preferred location. You can contact the Gateway at any of our four campus locations to schedule an appointment or ask questions.

Currently, the Gateway is offering limited in-person service. Students are encouraged to connect with The Gateway remotely/online.  The Gateway contact information and hours are listed below. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Gateway hours of operation?

The Newark Gateway campus location is open 

  • Mondays 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. (EST)
  • Tuesday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (EST)

The extended campus Gateway locations are open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Extended campus Gateway offices are closed from noon – 1:00 p.m. for lunch.

When do I connect with an Admissions Representative?

Admissions Representatives can assist future students and returning students with college and career pathway planning, help students work through their enrollment steps, and connect students with campus resources.

When do I connect with an Academic Advisor?

New students will work with an Academic Advisor after they complete orientation to get registered for classes.

Current students and returning students are assigned and work with an Academic Advisor to map academic and career goals, register for classes, and help students stay on track to graduate.

Academic Advising staff can refer students to support services both on and off campus. 

When do I connect with the Records Office?

Students should connect with Records for assistance with the following:

  • Requesting a COTC transcript
  • Submitting an official transcript to become enrolled as a student at COTC
  • Providing proof of residency

Who do I connect with if I want information about College Credit Plus (CCP)?

The Admissions team can work with students, parents/guardians, and school contacts for information about College Credit Plus. 

How do I schedule an appointment with Gateway staff in Admissions or Advising?


You can schedule an appointment with an Admissions Representative by calling any Gateway location, emailing cotcadmissions@mail.cotc.edu, or you can schedule your own virtual appointment.


You can schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor by calling any Gateway location or emailing cotcadvising@mail.cotc.edu.


Connect with the Gateway and Meet Our Staff

Gateway Locations

Newark Campus Ariel Photo
Hopewell Hall
1179 University Drive
Newark, OH 43055

Coshocton Campus - Montgomery Hall
Montgomery Hall
200 North Whitewoman Street
Coshocton, OH 43812

Knox campus Ariel hall
Knox (Mount Vernon)
Ariel Hall
236 South Main Street
Mount Vernon, OH 43050

8660 East Broad Street
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Admissions Staff

Melanie Garrabrant
Director of Admissions and Recruitment
Email: garrabrant.34@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7109

Toni Trowbridge
College Credit Plus (CCP) Program Manager
Email: trowbridge.35@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7455

Kristine Fuhrman
Admissions Representative
Email: fuhrman.39@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7308

Amber Lovett
Admissions Representative
Email: lovett.101@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7321

Nicole Thompson
Admissions Representative
Email: thompson.2478@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7668

Ashley Hughes
Admissions Communications Coordinator
Email: hughes.1822@mail.cotc.edu
Phone Number: 740.755.7250

Advising Staff

Jennifer Abraham 
Director of Advising and Retention
Location: Newark Campus
Email: abraham.55@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7325

Amanda Snider
Academic Advisor, Coordinator of Customer Service
Location: Newark campus
Email: snider.414@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7665

Jessie Patterson 
Academic Advisor
Location: Coshocton Campus
Email: patterson.871@mail.cotc.edu    
Phone: 740.622.1408

Kathleen McNeil 
Academic Advisor
Location: Knox Campus
Email: mcneil.70@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7411

Charlene Ross 
Academic Advisor
Location: Newark Campus
Email: ross.850@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7667

Kayla King
Academic Advisor
Location: Pataskala Campus
Email: king.2889@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7250

Ira D. Chapman
Academic Advisor
Location: Newark Campus
Email: chapman.889@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7277

Evan Daverio  
Academic Advisor
Location: Newark Campus
Email: daverio.2@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7155

Patricia Lemmons
Academic Advisor
Location: Newark
Email: lemmons.13@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7288

Madison Fleckenstein
Customer Service Specialist
Location: Newark Campus
Email: Fleckenstein.12@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.366.9222

Records Staff

Veronica Rine
Email: rine.60@mail.cotc.edu

Michelle Armas
​Records Support Specialist
​Email: armas.7@mail.cotc.edu

Jessica Carringtion
Records Support Specialist
​Email: carrington.44@mail.cotc.edu

Robin Champ
Records Support Specialist
Email: champ.11@mail.cotc.edu

Melissa Fuller
​Records Support Specialist
Email: fuller.492@mail.cotc.edu

​Linda Reynard
Records Support Specialist
Email: ​reynard.12@mail.cotc.edu

Gina Shackle
​Assistant Registrar
Email: shackle.5@mail.cotc.edu​

Leadership Team

Sarah Morrison
Dean of Enrollment
Location: Newark Campus
Email: morrison.415@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.366.9209

Jennifer Abraham 
Director of Advising and Retention
Location: Newark Campus
Email: abraham.55@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7325

Melanie Garrabrant
Director of Admissions and Recruitment
Email: garrabrant.34@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7109

Troy King
Director of Student Sucess
Newark Campus
Email: king.2878@mail.cotc.edu
Phone: 740.755.7189

Veronica Rine
Email: ​rine.60@mail.cotc.edu