Frequently Asked Questions


How do I schedule an appointment?


Admissions appointments can be scheduled online or students can email or call 740.366.9222. 


Students can schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor by emailing or by calling 740.366.9222.

How do I know whether to schedule an appointment with Admissions or Advising?


Admissions Representatives can assist future students and returning students, including College Credit Plus (CCP) students, with college and career pathway planning, help students work through their enrollment steps, and connect students with campus resources.


All students at COTC are assigned an Academic Advisor to map academic and career goals, register for classes and help students stay on track to graduate. 

Academic Advisors can also refer students to support services both on and off campus. 

What can the AmeriCorps Student Resource Center help students with? 

AmeriCorps staff members are available to assist and connect students with resources that can help provide food, transportation assistance, and assist with other basic, personal needs. 

When do I connect with the Records Office?

Students should connect with Records for assistance with the following:

  • Requesting a COTC transcript
  • Submitting an official transcript to become enrolled as a student at COTC
  • Providing proof of residency