Frequently Asked Questions


How do I schedule an appointment?


Admissions Representative
Students new or returning to COTC who have not yet completed Online Orientation can schedule an Admissions appointment online or by emailing or call 740.366.9222. 

Enrollment Navigator
Students who have completed Online Orientation and need help with their next steps or registration for their first semester at COTC/back at COTC will receive information about working with their Enrollment Navigator via email. If you are unsure who your Enrollment Navigator is and want to schedule an appointment you can email or call 740.366.9222.

College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus applicants and students please visit the CCP webpage for more information or email to request information or schedule an appointment. 


Students can schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor by emailing or by calling 740.366.9222.

Student Success

Students can schedule an appointment with their assigned Success Coach online, by emailing, or by calling 740.366.9222.

How do I know whether to schedule an appointment with Admissions, Academic Advising, or a Student Success Coach?


Admissions assists new students and returning students, including College Credit Plus (CCP) students, with college and career pathway planning and helps students work through their enrollment steps, including registering for their first semester at COTC. 

Academic Advising

All students at COTC are assigned an Academic Advisor after the start of their first semester to map academic and career goals, register for classes and help students stay on track to graduate. 

Student Success Coaches

Success Coaches help students build academic and college-life skills to help prevent, prepare for and respond to common obstacles they may encounter in higher education. These skills include time management, learning styles, resource utilization, active notetaking, study skills, and many others. Success Coaches are assigned after a student registers for their first semester classes. 

When do I connect with the Student Records Office?

Students should connect with Records for assistance with the following:

  • Requesting a COTC transcript
  • Submitting an official transcript to become enrolled as a student at COTC
  • Providing proof of residency