College Policies


Central Ohio Technical College approves, issues and maintains all college-wide policies using a consistent process and format. A college-wide process provides continuity, ease of access and understanding, and transparent guidance to the college community. Contact Jan Tomlinson, executive assistant to the president, at​ or 740.364.9510 with questions about policy content or how a policy applies.

College policies provide specific direction for operations, administration or programs. Policies are applicable college-wide and are developed through the college policy process and adopted by they executive leadership team, which may additionally take them to the COTC Board of Trustees at its discretion. Policies enhance the college’s mission and operational efficiency, mandate action or constraints, and must be consistent with relevant statutes, regulations, bylaws or rules. Interim policies may be approved when regulatory, accreditation or other urgent needs require the policy to be in place before the college’s policy formulation process can be finalized.

The college policies web page is furnished to provide convenient access to college-wide policies. Please note that individual units may maintain departmental governing documents/standard operating procedures applying only to that unit that are not in conflict with college-wide policies. Such documents do not override college-wide policies. It is the responsibility of all individuals to identify and familiarize themselves with all college policies.


Policies providing the framework for college governance and general administrative matters.

Academic Affairs – Gateway/Enrollment Services

Business and Finance

Student Life

Information & Technology Services
Policies related to computer systems, access, data, and related issues
1.1.3 Responsible Use of Computers Policy

Human Resources
Policies related to the work relationship with the college