Board Meetings


Regular meetings will be convened by the chairperson at a time and place established by the board of trustees during its annual organizational session held during the regular January meeting each year.

Special or emergency meetings may be convened by the chairperson or by a majority vote of members of the board of trustees to consider action on specific items for which the meeting was called.



Meetings and Minutes


January 16 Organizational Agenda Agenda

February 20 Agenda Minutes

March 19 Agenda Minutes

April 16 Agenda

May 21

June 18

July 16

August 20

September 17

October 22

November 19

December 17


January 17 Organizational Agenda Organizational Minutes Agenda Minutes

February 21 Agenda Minutes

March 21 Agenda Minutes

April 18 Agenda Minutes

May 16 Agenda Minutes

June 20 Agenda Minutes

July 18 (no meeting held)

August 22 Agenda Minutes

September 19 Agenda Minutes

October 17 Agenda Minutes

November 21 Agenda Minutes

December 19 Agenda Minutes


Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month following the first Monday.

January 18 Organizational Minutes Minutes

February 22 Minutes

March 22 Minutes

April 19 Minutes

May 17 Minutes

June 21 Minutes

August 16 Minutes

September 20 Minutes

October 18 Minutes

November 22 Minutes

December 20 Minutes


January 19 Organizational Minutes Minutes

February 16 Minutes

March 16 Minutes

April 20 Minutes

May 18 Minutes

June 22 Minutes

August 17 Minutes

September 21 Minutes

October 19 Minutes

November 16 Minutes


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