Board Rules


In accordance with Ohio Administrative Code 3357.09, the Central Ohio Technical College Board of Trustees of a technical college district has prescribed the following rules for the effective operation of the college. These rules of the Ohio Revised Code 111.15 establishes procedures the college is to follow for proposing new, amended or rescinded rules. Chapter 111.15 rules do not require public hearings.

Contact Jan Tomlinson, executive assistant to the president, at or 740.364.9510 with questions about rule content or how a rule applies.

Guiding Questions for Rule Review
Standard Operating Procedures for Development & Review of College Board Rules

Governance and General Administration

3357:3-1-01 Membership, Duties and Powers of the Board of Trustees

3357:3-1-02 Duties, Powers and Responsibilities of the President

3357:3-1-03 Meetings and Committees of the Board of Trustees

3357:3-1-04 Employment of Personnel

3357:3-1-05 Records Retention and Disposition

3357:3-1-06 Officers of the Board of Trustees and Their Duties

3357:3-1-07 Amendment of rules


3357:3-2-01 Academic Degrees and Certificates

3357:3-2-02 Graduation

3357:3-2-03 Student Grades

3357:3-2-04 Textbook Adoption

Student Life and Enrollment Management

3357:3-6-01 Admission to Central Ohio Technical College

3357:3-6-02 Notification of Rights under FERPA

3357:3-6-03 Discipline of Students

3357:3-6-04 Students with Disabilities

3357:3-6-05 Student Organizations


3357:3-3-01 Annual Budget

3357:3-3-02 Depository Bank Account

3357:3-3-03 Campus Safety

College’s Board Designated Account

3357:3​-3-05 Donations

3357:3-3-06 Facilities Use

3357:3-3-07 Financial Reports

3357:3-3-08 Grant Proposals and Grant Administration

3357:3-3-09 Investments

3357:3-3-10 Payroll

3357:3-3-11 Purchasing and Procurement

3357:3-3-12 Surplus Property

3357:3-3-13​ Suspected or known fraud, abuse or other illegal acts; Identity theft prevention

3357:3-3-15 Tuition, Fees and Refunds: Financial Aid

3357:3-3-16 Insurance