College Credit Plus


If you’re a high school student now

College Credit Plus (CCP) is an opportunity to earn both high school and college credits at the same time — at no cost to you. Students who are eligible to participate in CCP can pursue, and in some cases complete, a certificate or an associate degree while in high school.

If you’ve already taken CCP courses at COTC

Congratulations on making a smart financial decision. As a CCP participant, you have saved $199 for each credit hour you earned, and we want you to continue with us after you graduate from high school to keep saving money. Finish your associate degree to complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree, or jump right into your career. Apply now at

If you’ve taken CCP courses at another institution

COTC accepts transfer credit from other colleges and universities, and we welcome you to complete your degree or certificate with us. Contact us to discuss your transfer credits or check out to learn more about how college credits transfer from one school to another.

College Credit Plus Scholarship

If you completed 3 or more hours of CCP credit with COTC and earned a COTC grade point average of 2.00 or higher, you are eligible for a scholarship of $1,500 for two semesters each academic year for a total annual award of $3,000. You must enroll at COTC in the autumn or spring semester immediately after your high school graduation. Your scholarship will be automatically awarded. Details here.

Students can be awarded $1,500 for two semesters each academic year for a total annual award of $3,000

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