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Performance Management

Policy & Purpose

Policy 2.7.20 Performance Management

To create a high-performance culture, COTC will ensure that each member of our community is offered:

  • Clear performance objectives
  • Ongoing coaching and feedback
  • Professional development
  • Recognition for outstanding work that contributes to overall success

Annual Timeline

The performance year is May 1-April 30.

May 1: Performance year begins

Sept. 30: First mid-year check-in with staff-member completed

Jan. 31: Second mid-year check-in with staff-member completed

March 15: Staff-member self-evaluations completed

  • Self-evaluations are optional and at the supervisor’s discretion.

April 30: Performance year ends

  • Annual appraisals due to Office of Human Resources
  • Next year’s planning and objectives setting completed

Performance Planning and Appraisal Form

Performance Planning and Appraisal form (Word format)

This single form is used throughout the entire performance cycle: planning, midyear check-ins and annual appraisal. Guidelines for its use are contained within the form itself.

Note: If you have Office 2010 or later, you may be presented with a dialogue box asking if you want to open or save the file; this box may pop up behind your browser window. In the dialogue box select “save.” Once saved, you will be able to open and edit the document.


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