Human Resources Policies and Procedures


General Policies

2.1.10 Equal Employment Opportunity & Non-Discrimination PolicyNon-discrimination Notice

2.1.11 Equal Employment for Individuals with Disabilities Policy

2.1.15 Nepotism Policy

2.1.16 Conflict of Interest and Work Outside of the College Policy

2.1.25 Drug-Free Workplace PolicyFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Reasonable Suspicion Testing Process  Drugs of Abuse: A DEA Resource Guide (2020 ed.)

2.1.30 Personnel Records Policy

2.1.35 Ohio Ethics Policy

2.1.40 Whistleblower Policy

Student Employment

2.2.05 Student Employment Policy

Wage & Hour

2.3.10 Salary Administration and Classification Policy

2.3.15 Scheduling Work, Overtime Compensation and "Safe Harbor" Provisions Policy

2.3.20 Supplemental Compensation Involving Work Within the College Policy

Discipline & Grievances

2.4.05 Corrective Action and Involuntary Termination Policy

2.5.05 Employment Disputes and Resolution Policy

Health & Safety

2.5.10 Workplace Violence (formerly, Workplace and Family and Relationship Violence) Policy

2.5.15 Occupational Health and Safety Policy

2.5.20 Tobacco Free PolicyTobacco Free Guide to Successful Implementation | Tobacco-free FAQSample Response to Allegation of Ohio Smoke Free Workplace Law

Benefits & Leaves

2.6.05 Dependent Fee Remission Policy

2.6.08 Emeritus Status for Retiring COTC Faculty, Staff & Trustees Policy

2.6.10 Employee Fee Reimbursement Policy

2.6.20 Holidays Policy

2.6.21 Short-term Closing and State of Emergency Policy

2.6.30 Military Leave/Reemployment Rights Policy

2.6.33 Unpaid Leave Policy

2.6.40 Paid Leave Policy

2.6.41 Family and Medical Leave Policy

2.6.50 Rewards and Recognition Policy


2.7.10 Recruitment and Selection Policy

2.7.15 Appointments Policy

2.7.20 Performance Management Policy

2.7.25 Reduction in Work Force Policy | RIF Employee Guide

2.7.30 Resignation & Voluntary Termination Policy

2.7.35 Medical Examination Policy


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