Administrators & Counselors


Welcome to the administrator and school counselor resource page. Here, you will find resources to assist you in building and maintaining a College Credit Plus partnership with COTC. Whether you would like to explore COTC courses at your high school or will be sending students to a COTC campus, follow the links below for admissions, enrollment, and course information.

Students have the opportunity to participate in College Credit Plus at Central Ohio Technical College in three different ways:

  • Students take college courses taught by high school faculty at the high school. (Partnering high school)
  • Students take college courses taught by COTC faculty at the high school. (Partnering high school)
  • Students take college courses at any of COTC’s four campuses and/or online.

CCP Eligibility

The state of Ohio requires students to show some level of college readiness to be eligible to participate in College Credit Plus (CCP). The CCP Eligibility rule for the school year 2022-2023 has been expanded and went into effect February 13, 2022. 

Per the state of Ohio, a student is eligible for the College Credit Plus program if the student meets any of the following criteria:

  • Obtains a remediation-free score on one of the standard assessment exams (Accuplacer, ACT, SAT);
  • Has a cumulative unweighted high school grade point average of at least 3.00;
  • Has a cumulative unweighted high school grade point average of at least 2.75 but less than 3.00 and received an “A” or “B” grade in a relevant high school course.

Note: COTC defines relevant coursework as high school level Math or English (non-remedial courses).  Other coursework may be considered as relevant for entrance into technical education courses and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Once a student interested in CCP at COTC has applied to the college and requested official transcripts be sent to COTC, an Admissions Representative will review the student for CCP eligibility. 

After it is determined a student is eligible to participate in CCP, students must still meet COTC course requirements and prerequisites. COTC course requirements may vary depending upon the subject and in some cases a student may need to complete placement testing.


Graduating Senior Information

CCP Scholarship

CCP students who are graduating seniors and have completed a minimum of 3 credit hours with COTC can be awarded $1,500 for two semesters each academic year for a total annual award of $3,000. Students must enroll at COTC in the autumn or spring semester immediately after high school graduation. The scholarship is renewable until students complete their first associate degree. Students must also have and maintain a minimum COTC 2.0 GPA. 

Transferring COTC Courses

Students may wonder how their CCP courses completed with COTC will transfer to other colleges. CCP courses transfer better for students who plan to attend an Ohio public college/university after high school graduation. Private and out-of-state colleges and universities can choose whether to accept CCP course credits. 

Here are some resources to help better understand how COTC courses might transfer.