CCP Eligibility


The state of Ohio requires students to show some level of college readiness to be eligible to participate in College Credit Plus (CCP). To be eligible to participate in CCP, students be remedial-free in one subject area (Math or English), as determined by placement testing.

For the academic years 20-21 and 21-22, the state of Ohio has waived the placement testing requirement for students with a 3.0 unweighted GPA (on a 4/0 scale). Students who do not have an unweighted GPA of 3.0 must still do placement testing to be eligible to participate in CCP.

Once a student interested in CCP at COTC has applied to the college and requested official transcripts be sent to COTC, an Admissions Representative will review the student for CCP eligibility. 

Placement Test Scheduling

Students must work with an Admissions Representative to determine if placement testing is needed and/or to get scheduled. Admissions Representatives can be reached at:

Placement Test Practice

We encourage students to visit the COTC Testing Center Accuplacer webpage and review the “resources to help” students prepare for placement testing. Students can even download an Accuplacer app to practice. 

Test Score Information

CCP students must show that they are deemed ‘college-ready’ by submitting test scores or taking the FREE Accuplacer test through COTC. Please note: scores DO NOT guarantee automatic placement into courses. Students must meet eligibility standards, placement measures, and prerequisites as established by the Ohio Department of Education and COTC.  We encourage you and the student to work with an admissions representative at COTC to discuss eligibility and placement into CCP courses. 

Accuplacer (Writeplacer): Score of a 5 or higher.
Accuplacer (Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra & Statistics): Score of a 263 or higher.
Accuplacer (Advanced Algebra &Functions): Score of a 263 or higher.

ACT: English: Score of a 18 or higher.
ACT: Math: Score of a 22 or higher.

SAT: Reading and Writing: Score of a 480 or higher.
SAT: Math: Score of a 530 or higher.