Transfer Students


Transfer your college credits to COTC! 

Students who completed college credit with another college or university while in high school and/or after high school graduation can transfer credit to COTC.

Students who have completed college credits can check out Transferology. Transferology is a website and tool that can help students learn more about how college credits transfer from one school to another.

Students who wish to transfer college credit to COTC should be aware of a few things: 

  • The number of credits completed in college can affect financial aid. Connect with Student Financial Services to determine whether your transfer credit will affect your financial aid and how. 
  • A college or university accreditation can affect the transferability of credits. 
  • How completed credits transfer into a program can depend on a program’s plan of study and how the courses align with the program’s plan of study. 

How is transfer credit reviewed?

The Student Records department at COTC will conduct a formal review of college credits, when all official high school and college transcripts are sent.

  • Request an official high school transcript (even if you have already obtained a degree from another institution)
  • Request official transcripts from all previous colleges and universities attended

International Students–Students who are non-U.S. citizens and/or attended an international high school and/or international institution of higher education have some additional considerations. 

How do I send transcripts to COTC Student Records?

Official transcripts can be sent electronically via email by the college/university (or their approved third party vendor), or official transcripts can be mailed by the college/university (or their approved third party vendor) to:

Central Ohio Technical College
ATTN: Student Records
1179 University Dr.
Newark, OH 43055