Student Organization Forms


Please refer to the Student Organization Handbook for instructions on when and how to use the following forms. 

Download Student Organization Handbook

Registration Forms

Register a new student organization

Register a continuing student organization

Financial Forms

Purchase request: Credit card use form

To use the credit card, you must be an officer of a registered student organization and your name must be on file in the Office of Student Life as an approved spending officer.

Purchase request: Purchase through requisition form

To use a purchase order, the primary leader (president) or treasurer of the organization must obtain a quote from the preferred vendor and then submit the form.

Request for fundraising form

This form must be submitted a minimum of one week before the anticipated fundraising date. Refer to the Student Organization Handbook for fundraising policies.

Other Forms

Room reservation request form

As a registered student organization, you can reserve space on campus for meetings or sponsored events. At least seven business days are needed to ensure a reservation. Additionally, there is a room designated for student organizations to utilize in Warner 205C. Please give at least three business days notice.