Constitution Day


Constitution Day is an American federal observance that recognizes the adoption of the United States Constitution. It is observed on September 17, to commemorate the day in 1787 that 39 delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia signed the document, and recognize all who, by coming of age or by naturalization, have become citizens.

The Constitution was written by several committees over the summer of 1787, but the committee most responsible for the final form we know today is the “Committee of Stile and Arrangement”. This Committee was tasked with getting all of the articles and clauses agreed to by the Convention and putting them into a logical order. On September 10, 1787, the Committee of Style set to work, and two days later, it presented the Convention with its final draft. The members were Alexander Hamilton, William Johnson, Rufus King, James Madison, and Gouverneur Morris. The actual text of the Preamble and of much of the rest ​of this final draft is usually attributed to Gouverneur Morris.

The newly minted document began with a grand flourish – the Preamble, the Constitution’s r’aison d’etre. It holds in its words the hopes and dreams of the delegates to the convention, a justification for what they had done. Its words are familiar to us today, but because of time and context, the words are not always easy to follow. (Credit:

The Constitution of the United States of Am​erica

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Why we acknowledge Constitution Day:

Constitution Day was established by Congress in an effort to increase knowledge about the United States Constitution. The amendment, proposed by Senator Robert C. Byrd, was passed in December 2004 and requires all educational institutions to commemorate Constitution Day each year on September 17. This day honors the signing of the United States Constitution by the delegates of the Constitutional Convention on September 17, 1787.

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