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Creating experience for life

Student Activities within the Office of Student Life seeks to provide diverse programming to enhance the cultural, intellectual and social growth of the Newark campus community.  Each semester there are a variety of cultural, educational and social programs that supplement the learning atmosphere of the campus.

  • Cultural programs include visits to museums, concerts, master classes and weekend overnight excursions.
  • Educational programs include lectures, debates, films and open forums on topics of regional, national and international interest.
  • Social programs round out the activities program and include leadership workshops, leisure, community service events, sports events and theme events. Make the most of your Newark campus experience – get involved and create experiences for life.

​​​​Why should you become involved on campus?

​This is a good question!  It is one all students ask themselves constantly during their college experience.  Such decisions may range from joining a student organization, applying for a campus leadership position, or simply joining others for a social event.  When a student finds a group that they connect with, there are many benefits to be gained, which include:

  • ​​Offers valuable opportunities to learn more about the campus and fosters connections to faculty and staff members.
  • Assists in meeting new frien​ds and interacting with others; when we share an identity with a group, this helps us stay in college and to succeed.
  • Provides constructive co-curricular, social, and recreational opportunities.
  • Compliments the classroom by allowing practical application of classroom concepts, theories, and principles.
  • Affords “real-life” experiences in areas such as citizenship, work and relationships.
  • Enhances self-initiative, independence, responsibility, and time-management.
  • Promotes the development of leadership skills, confidence in social skills, and promotes effective listening.
  • Provides practical experience in collaboration, teamwork, and being an effective group member.
  • Presents opportunities for planning, managing and decision-making.
  • Assists in the development of purpose, values and a philosophy of life.​

Check out some of the many ways you can become involved on campus.

Student Organizations
Student Ambassador Program
Italian Immersion Program​
Volunteerism and Civic Engagement
Intramural Sports and Sports Clubs


Italian Immersion Program

Group of students in Italy

Since 2009, the Italian Immersion Program has given Central Ohio Technical College students the unique opportunity to stay with host families in Reggello, Italy and tour the country to expose themselves to other cultures and expand their learning experience beyond the classroom.


Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassador Application

Student Ambassadors serve to set the tone for prospective students and their families. They guide, direct, inform and teach prospective students what to expect from campus life. In addition, Student Ambassadors serve as special event assistants representing the student and broader communities. Concerts, grand openings, alumni events, new student orientations, conferences, hosting campus VIPs, etc. constitute examples of special events in which the student ambassadors should engage.