Public Safety Services




Student ID

sample of COTC student ID

Students need a COTC student ID for many things. A student ID is needed to identify yourself as a COTC student when meeting and communicating with various departments on campus including the Office of Student Financial Services or for services such as renting or purchasing books in the bookstore and to use library resources.


Parking and Permits

COTC campuses offer all students free parking. Student and visitor parking is available in any white-lined space on all COTC campuses.


FBI/BCI Background and Fingerprinting Services

These services are available to COTC students (or perspective COTC students applying for specific academic programs). Background checks are conducted between 7:30 a.m and 10 p.m. daily (including weekends). An appointment is not required. Call 740.366.9237 for more information.

How to receive a background check

  1. Pay background check fee online. Background checks cost $25 for BCI and $35 for FBI applicants.
    BCI Background ChecK $25  FBI Background Check  $35 
  2. Bring your receipt and a valid driver’s license or state ID to the public safety office (Warner Center 105).

Safety Escort Service

The Campus Safety Escort Service is for students, faculty or staff feeling unsafe walking alone. A campus security officer will accompany you and ensure that you are protected to your destination on campus. Arrangements can be made in advance or on the spot. Call 740.366.9237. The service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Lockers may be rented from Recreation Sports (Adena Hall) during the year for individuals to secure their belongings. Other lockers, located at various places on campus, are available through Student Life Disability Services with priority given to students with disabilities. Contact Recreation Sports at 740.366.9245 or the Disability Services director at 740.364.9578.