Institutional Planning


Institutional Mission and Vision


To meet the technical education and training needs of students and employers in the area.


COTC will help our students build successful futures by engaging with our industries, communities and employers to uncover opportunities that will address workforce needs, positively influence communities and impact lives for decades to come.


Helpful and inclusive, driven by compassion and the desire to care about others.

Resilient and tenacious, driven by overcoming challenges through grit and determination.

Forward-thinking and innovative, driven by a commitment to positive change.


Student success. 
Help students achieve academic and career goals by improving learning and student support.

Institutional growth. 
Increase institutional growth and stability through efficient program, enrollment and fiscal management.

Collaborative culture.
Promote a culture of collaboration and build a college community that values diversity and mutual respect.

Operational effectiveness.
Aim for the most efficient use of resources and optimal alignment of processes to improve institutional effectiveness, deliver consistently high quality and provide exceptional services.