Commitment to Diversity


Diversity supports the mission of Central Ohio Technical College and The Ohio State University at Newark. Respecting and promoting diversity is vital to the education of our students and to the learning environment of our campus community. We foster an atmosphere where each of us is valued for our intellectual and cultural perspectives, increasing our ability to reflect critically and resolve challenges. We share a wealth of experiences that strengthens us individually and as a society. As students and educators, we commit to building a diverse and engaged community.

In today’s environment, diversity and inclusion permeates, and is the responsibility of all areas of the institutions. All departments and offices are expected to promote and develop an awareness of and sensitivity to multicultural and diversity issues in order to enrich the educational and work experience for our students and employees. 

As institutions, we value mutual respect and diversity by building relationships that acknowledge the essential dignity of each individual and by valuing all races, genders, cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles and abilities, and we are committed to creating and sustaining an intellectually stimulating environment for our collective growth.


Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-initiated groups of The Ohio State University at Newark and/or Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) faculty and staff who share common interests, issues, backgrounds, characteristics or pursuits. Ohio State Newark/COTC recognizes and supports ERGs organized around the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, language, region of origin, life stage, physical challenge and sexual orientation.