Financial Aid Forms


After receiving notification from Student Financial Services of the required documents, submit the forms as soon as possible to prevent the delay of processing your financial aid package. It may take up to six weeks to process your file once the documents have been received. You will receive notification of your financial aid package via email once your file is complete. 

Make sure your name, COTC student ID number, signature and date are on each for​m submitted. Complete and submit the requested forms to: 

The Office of Financial Aid
Central Ohio Technical College
1179 University Dr.
Newark, OH 43055
FAX: 740.364.9533

**ALL documents and forms submitted to the Student Financial Services become the property of Central Ohio Technical College and cannot be copied or returned to the student, spouse, and/or parent (i.e. tax transcripts, verification worksheets, W2s, etc.)​

Verification Forms

Bankruptcy Resolution
Child Support Paid Verification
Clarification of Degree Seeking Status
Date/State of Legal Residence Form
Default Resolution
Documentation of Citizenship or Eligible Non-Citizen Status
Educational Savings Plan Verification Form
Emancipated Minor or In Legal Guardianship Documentation
Excess of Loan(s) Resolution
High School Completion Status Form
Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose Form
Orphan, Dependent/Ward of Court, or In Foster Care Document
Overpayment Resolution
Parent Asset Verification Form
Parent Refusal to Complete the FAFSA
Parent Verification Worksheet
Permanent Disability Form
Question 23 Worksheet
Selective Service Resolution
SNAP Verification Form
Student Asset Verification Form
Student Social Security Number Confirmation
Student Statement of Support
Student Verification Worksheet
Tax Extension Form
Unaccompanied Youth or Homeless Documentation
Untaxed Income Verification
Verification of Living Resources
Verification of Parent Household
Verification of Parent Marital Status
Verification of Student Household
Verification of Student Marital Status

Appeal Forms

Dependency Status Appeal
Graduated/Second Program Petition
Income Appeal for Dependent Students
Income Appeal for Independent Students
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Petition
Unusual Enrollment History Petition

Miscellaneous Forms

Aid Cancellation/Reduction Form
Confidential Information Release
Federal Work Study Change Request Form
McConnell Emergency Grant Application
Tuition Payment Form Agreement

​​Have questions? Email Student Financial Services.