Verification Forms


Students who apply for federal financial aid may be selected for a process called verification and must submit documents to confirm the information reported on the FAFSA is accurate. Students should respond quickly to any request for information from Student Financial Services and be certain that their name and COTC seven-digit ID number are clearly printed on all documents. Students will be sent an email requesting documents and directing them to download, complete and submit the required forms. (If a student does not have an email address on file, a paper letter will be mailed listing the required documents.)

Please contact our office if you need documents for 2022-2023.

Bankruptcy Resolution
Child Support Paid Verification
Clarification of Degree Seeking Status
Date/State of Legal Residence Form
Default Resolution
Documentation of Citizenship or Eligible Non-Citizen Status
Educational Savings Plan Verification Form
Emancipated Minor or In Legal Guardianship Documentation
Excess of Loan(s) Resolution
High School Completion Status Form
Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose Form
Orphan, Dependent/Ward of Court, or In Foster Care Document
Overpayment Resolution
Parent Asset Verification Form
Parent Refusal to Complete the FAFSA
Parent Verification Worksheet
Permanent Disability Form
Student Asset Verification Form
Student Statement of Support
Student Verification Worksheet
Tax Extension Form
Unaccompanied Youth or Homeless Documentation
Untaxed Income Verification
Verification of Living Resources
Verification of Parent Household
Verification of Parent Marital Status
Verification of Student Household
Verification of Student Marital Status