We offer the following services to COTC faculty, staff and students.


All workshops are 60 minutes but can be adapted to fit shorter or longer time slots upon request.

  • Approaching Cross-cultural Interactions with Cultural Humility
  • Bias 101: Understanding Implicit Bias
  • Bias 102: Interrupting Bias
  • Civility in the Classroom
  • Inclusive language
  • Unpacking Privilege and Bias


Are you working on a project, or have you run into an experience you want to talk through? We can meet with you individually or in a group setting to discuss ideas and potential next steps.

Classroom presentations/guest lectures

We present to students in classes across the campus upon request. Topics can be discussed beforehand with the instructor.

Policy review and creation

Are you creating or revamping a policy? We can collaborate to help it fulfill our institutional diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. 

Event sponsorships and collaborations

We collaborate with organizations hosting events that connect to our mission and are open to discussing ideas.

Grant partnerships

We collaborate with internal and external partners on grant opportunities that connect to our mission.

Community engagement partnership

We partner with community organizations to support diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in our surrounding community