Online Learning and the Online Campus


A female students sits at a laptop focused on its screen.

In a post-pandemic world, we know that there may still be a lot of confusion about different forms of online learning. Let us help clarify our commitment to technology-enhanced higher education.

What exactly do we mean by “Online Campus”?

Central Ohio Technical College has four physical campuses where you can go to take classes, meet with classmates, take advantage of support services like tutoring, or access resources like the library or your academic advisor.

Well, through our Online Campus, you can do many of these same things without having to drive to Coshocton, Knox, Newark or Pataskala!  We have invested significantly in technology and human resources that enable us to provide high-quality academic and support services for students across Central Ohio and beyond.

Coming soon: Learn more about the virtual and in-person support services we offer to online campus students

What is the difference between online, hybrid, remote and other formats?

Here’s how COTC defines these formats:

  • In-person: Students come to one of our physical campuses and meet with an instructor on a certain day at a certain time (often twice per week).
  • Online: Students in these courses do NOT meet on campus at a specified day and time. Course materials and activities are delivered through the college’s web-based learning management system, and students can generally work on their own time (while making sure to meet any due dates set by the instructor). Students learn via recorded lectures, self-directed readings, watching videos, doing research, collaborative work and/or online discussions.
  • Hybrid or HyFlex: These courses are a combination of in-person and technology-enhanced class sessions. Hybrid and HyFlex classes typically meet at a regularly scheduled time, but may use Zoom or other video technology to meet remotely (on- or off-campus). Students in these courses often have the option to choose how they want to engage with the instructor and their classmates; individual instructors may have different expectations for participation, and your advisor can help you determine what’s expected.

Which degrees or certificates can I complete online?

Students can complete the following programs COMPLETELY ONLINE:

There are several programs at COTC that offer most (but not all) of their required courses in a remote asynchronous (i.e., “online”) format. Students can complete the following degrees or certificates MOSTLY ONLINE:

Many of our degrees and certificates — for example, those in the health sciences, engineering, public services and nursing — do require some in-person learning. However, several of the general education classes required for these degrees can be taken online.

Such classes include:

  • English Composition
  • Algebra, Calculus or Statistics
  • Psychology
  • Critical Thinking or Ethics
  • Sociology or Cultural Diversity
  • Speech or Small Group Communications