15th Annual Community Intercultural Relations Conference


Friday, April 12, 2024
8:30 a.m.–3 p.m.

Melissa Warner Bow Grand Hall
John Gilbert Reese Center
1209 University Drive, Newark, Ohio 

Empower, Engage, Belong: Fueling Change in Organizations and Communities

Innovation and advancement are here and are bringing new people, new ideas and new opportunities to the rich tapestry that is central Ohio. Now more than ever, with diversity and opportunity expanding in our community, there is an undeniable call for organizations and communities to be welcoming havens for all.

For the 15th Annual Community Intercultural Relations Conference (CIRC), we proudly present the theme: Empower, Engage, Belong: Fueling Change in Organizations and Communities. At this year’s conference, you will learn strategies to foster a sense of belonging, make meaningful connections with others in the community, and ultimately be empowered to make positive changes to increase inclusivity and sense of belonging. 

Join us for a transformative day of being inspired by renowned speakers, engaging in thoughtful dialogue, and learning cutting-edge evidence-based best practices for driving change in organizations and communities. Leave with actionable tools that will help you shape an organization and community that genuinely serves and embraces everyone. Your journey to making a difference begins here.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Participants will explore key organizational and community elements that help foster a sense of belonging for people of all backgrounds.
  2. Participants will uncover why a sense of belonging is necessary for building and sustaining effective organizations and communities.
  3. Participants will acquire practical skills and actionable strategies that can be implemented toward short-term and long-term outcomes to increase a sense of belonging for everyone in their organizations and communities.