Business and Finance Documents

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Accounting Documents

3.1.01 COTC Expenditure Policy
3.1.02 COTC Accounts Payable Policy
3.1.03 COTC Accounts Receivable Policy
3.1.04 COTC Asset Management Policy
3.1.05 COTC Petty Cash Policy
3.1.06 Leases
3.1.07 Short Term Investments
Asset Retirement Form
Cellular Services Stipend Authorization Form
COTC Exception Approval Request
Electronic Funds Transfer Form
Electronic Funds Transfer Outside of U.S.
Non-payroll Direct Deposit
Portable Equipment Check-out Log
Tagging Fixed Assets Checklist

Budget Documents

Approval Manual for myCOTC
Budget Manual for myCOTC
Object Code Quick List

Payroll Documents

Electronic W-2 Consent
Application for Leave Form
Application for Leave Form – Instructions
COTC Pay Dates - FY23
Earnings Statement Access Instructions
Electronic W-2 Consent
Human Resources
Ohio Public Employees Retirement System
Payroll Direct Deposit Instructions
Self-service Time Card Training for Staff
Self-service Training for Supervisors
Self service Time Card Training for Part-time
State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio
Student Employment
Municipality Tax Based on Work Location FAQ

Purchasing and Travel

Substitute W9 Form
COTC Tax Exempt Form
COTCconnect Web Receiving Manual
Requisition Form
Bid Waiver Form
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
Bid Request Form
COTC Blanket Purchase Order Backup
Self-Services Requisition Manual


Mileage Reimbursement Form
Travel Request/Reimbursement Form (Overnight)
Travel Reimbursement Form (Local Only)

Procurement Card

Procurement Card Tracking Log
Creating an Expense Report - Bank of America Pcards
Allocating or Editing a Transaction- Bank of America Pcards
Procurement Card Reconciliation Form

Services Center

Services Center User Guide
Business Card Order Form