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Ohio Transfer 36 logo uses state of Ohio background with a navy 36 in the middleThe Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) created Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs) and Ohio Transfer 36 as resources to help students, parents and college and university personnel identify courses with a statewide guarantee of transfer  between Ohio colleges and universities.  Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)² allows transfer of high school and adult career-technical credit to college credit.

Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs) are pre-identified General Education and major (technical) courses that may be transferred across all public higher education institutions in Ohio.  COTC TAG approved courses are assigned a Ohio Articulation Number (OAN) Code.  Credit is given to another college or university for courses with matching OAN Codes.  If there is no matching code, the course will transfer as meeting major credit.  Application within the major is at the discretion of the destination institution.

COTC TAG Approved Course List

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 Ohio Transfer 36 was developed to facilitate movement of students and transfer credits from one Ohio public college or university to another to avoid duplication of course requirements and to enhance student mobility throughout Ohio’s higher education system.  A Transfer Module is a subset or a complete set (in some cases, the institution’s Transfer Module may satisfy the entire set of general education requirements) of a college’s or university’s general education requirements that represents a body of knowledge and academic skills common across Ohio colleges and universities, containing 36- 40 semester hours or 54-60 quarter hours of courses in the fields of (1) English; (2) mathematics; (3) arts/humanities; (4) social and behavioral sciences; (5) natural and physical sciences; (6) interdisciplinary coursework (optional). Since independent colleges and universities in Ohio may or may not be participating in the transfer module policy, students interested in transferring to an independent institution are encouraged to check with the college or university of their choice regarding transfer agreements.

COTC OTM Approved Course List

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Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)² allows a student who successfully completes specified technical programs to be eligible to have technical credit transfer to public colleges and universities. This transfer of credit is described in Career Technical Assurance Guides (CTAG). CTAGs are advising tools that assist students moving from Ohio secondary and adult career-technical institutions to Ohio public institutions of higher education.

COTC CTAG Approved Course List

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