Testing Policies and Scheduling

  • All testing is done by appointment only. *Please see following section to schedule on an Extended Campus.
  • Students are responsible for coordinating their testing appointments with their instructors.
  • All appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance to ensure testing materials are available in the Testing Center.
  • Please be advised that if you receive extended time to also allot for the additional time when planning to come in to test.
  • Students are required to present a valid (non-expired) government or school issued photo identification (ID). ID’s must match the name listed for a testing appointment. *There are no exceptions for this requirement. 
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the Testing Center.
  • Attire - All hats, caps, or head coverings must be removed and stored in a locker. Only religious head wear may be worn while testing. Similarly, hoods are not to be covering your head while testing.
  • Children are not permitted in the Testing Center.
  • No breaks are permitted once testing has begun. 
  • Assignments cannot be accepted by Testing Center staff.
  • All electronic and Bluetooth devises must be turned off and placed in a locker. Vibrating or ringing devices in the Testing Center are considered a testing violation. 
  • Please note, security cameras are in operation at all times.
  • If you are unable to select a testing slot, then testing is not available at that time.

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