Our goal is to assist the campus with purchasing, receiving and travel processes and to procure high quality goods and services for the best value.​

A message to our vendors:

Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) has upheld and will continue to ​uphold the highest levels of ethics and integrity in all its affairs. Vendors are required to act honestly, in good faith and with professionalism. ​

It is required that all vendors abide by all applicable codes, regulations and laws including but not limited to any local, state or federal laws regarding wages, benefits, workmen’s compensation, equal opportunity and product safety. COTC also expects its vendors to conform to business practices published as standards for their industry.

For bidding opportunities, please register on the Public Purchase website. To view current solicitations, select Ohio as the Region and Central Ohio Technical College as the Agency.   


COTC Sales & Use Tax Exemption Certificate
COTC Vendor Information Form (Sub W-9)
Independent Contractor Worker Acknowledgment Form (to accompany the Vendor Information Form)
COTC Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
Vendor Code of Conduct​
Vendor Direct Deposit Form