Part-Time Faculty Compensation


A part-time faculty member is a COTC instructor who teaches ordinarily 12 or fewer contact hours during any semester of the academic year. Part-time faculty appointments may be made to any of COTC’s four campuses located in Newa​rk, Coshocton, Mount Vernon and Pataskala

Employment offered to part-time faculty are subject to the sufficiency of legislative appropriations, the pertinent provisions of the Ohio Revised Code and the official actions of the Board of Trustees. The offers create no expectation of future employment, and the college maintains sole discretion in choosing to offer or not to offer future teaching opportunities. 

Part-time faculty are paid on a bi-weekly basis after all necessary paperwork has been submitted to the Office of Human Resources. Part-time faculty are required to participate in the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS).

Part-time faculty at COTC are paid an hourly rate based on their education level.  The following rates are effective 8/21/23.

Degree Level Pay Rate
Associate or lower $39.50
Bachelor’s* $44.00
Master’s $49.00
Doctorate $50.00

​*Part-time clinical teaching assistants in healthcare programs are paid at the bachelor’s degree level.

The number of hours an instructor is paid is based upon the number of contact hours established for a course and the number of weeks a course is taught.

For example, if an English composition course is four contact hours, taught for 15 weeks for a total of 60 contact hours by someone with a master’s degree paid at an hourly rate of $49.00, the total pay to teach that class would be $2,940.