Equipment and Furniture Guidance for Remote Work


Staff and faculty who work remotely at their own request will not be provided office furniture nor services (e.g. internet or phone service) for remote work, unless otherwise required by law. Standard computer equipment to be provided by the college and/or university to employees working remotely include equipment that the campus would normally provide if the employee were working onsite at a college/university owned work location such as: computer or laptop and peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, monitors. Regular, hybrid work arrangements (where an employee teleworks for part of the workweek and works onsite part of the workweek) will not typically result in the duplication of office equipment. The college and/or university are not responsible for the operating costs, maintenance, property or liability insurance, or other expenses for an employee’s remote work location. University/college insurance does not cover employee’s personal property used for remote work. Employees must report any work-related injuries that occur during remote work to their manager at the earliest reasonable opportunity and within 24 hours. Commuting costs to an employee’s on-campus or remote work locations are not paid the college or university. 

Staff who are required by the college or university to work remotely will be provided or reimbursed for certain equipment or expenses as agreed upon with the Ohio State Newark dean and director and/or the COTC president. 

All furniture and equipment the college or university provides to a staff member, whether used on campus or in connection with a remote work arrangement, remains the property of the college/university and must be returned upon separation from employment or at any other time upon notice from the college or university.

These guidelines do not address provision of equipment, supplies or other materials as part of reasonable accommodation for a disability.

Special consideration for remote work associated with the Founders renovation.

In connection with the evacuation of Founders scheduled for summer 2022, several faculty and staff members who are currently working in Founders have requested to work remotely rather than move to a campus-provided work site at the Newark City Schools building. Additionally, several other campus-based employees have been displaced, some remotely, to allow services currently provided out to Founders to remain on campus. Typically, the guidance above will apply. However, requests from Founder’s employees working completely remotely (not at the Newark City Schools building) for items such as chairs, sit/stand stations, etc. will be reviewed and approved on an exceptional basis by the Ohio State Newark dean and director and/or the COTC president. NOTE: working from the Newark City Schools building is not considered a remote work arrangement. 

Unless approved by leadership, the moving of any furniture or equipment for use by staff/faculty authorized to work remotely (in a location other than the Newark City Schools Building) will be the responsibility of the employee