Additional Scholarship Opportunities


Local Scholarship Opportunities

  • The Columbus Foundation
  • The Coshocton Foundation
    • COTC offers the Coshocton Promise in partnership with The Coshocton County Foundation’s Clarence and Grace Miller Scholarship endowment.
  • The Knox County Community Foundation
    • Did you know…the Knox County Foundation is offering a new Vocational Scholarship for Knox County residents to pursue career preparation. Current and prospective COTC students who are Knox County residents should consider applying for the Knox Vocational Scholarship. Vocational Scholarships are available to both high school seniors and adults wishing to complete a certification program of two years or less through an accredited vocational school, technical school, community college or junior college institution.
    • The Knox County Foundation also offers a Universal Scholarship for students attending or planning to attend a two or four year college. 
  • The Licking County Foundation

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Many churches, professional, civic, or service organizations, private foundations, the military, and others offer scholarships.  COTC does not post individual external scholarship opportunities but here are a few free scholarship search engines to get you started. COTC does not endorse, control, or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of this information.

If you receive an award from any outside sources, you or your donor should notify Student Financial Services.  Federal regulations require that external scholarship be considered part of a student’s overall financial aid package, which cannot exceed the cost of attendance.  Once payment form an external scholarship is applied, your financial aid packaged my be revised to include the amount of the scholarship.