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For assistance from the marketing and public relations office, please submit a work request. In order to provide high-quality marketing and communications support, please enter your request at least six weeks in advance of the requested delivery date. Video requests need to be submitted three months in advance.

We look forward to working with you!

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COTC Visual Identity Guidelines

COTC’s visual identity is in place so that the college is easily identified and to promote our specific and distinctive brand assets. The guidelines are the official visual identity marks of COTC. They promote strength and consistency — and all identity standards should be adhered to as outlined in the guidelines.

COTC visual identity guidelines


The COTC logo is the primary visual identifier of the institution and is to be used on all external facing and recruitment collateral. Marketing approval is needed anytime the logo is used for print, digital or internal/external communications.

The official logo for COTC appears as white text on a blue rectangle. The logo can also be used with white text on a black background when necessary. Colors other than blue or black are not permitted to be used. The logo is used at 100% value of the color; screens of a color are not permitted. Stretching the logo is not acceptable. One-half inch (1/2”) wide is the minimum size that the logo can be reduced to and still be considered readable. Smaller sizes are not permitted.

COTC logo

COTC logo vector format


The COTC tagline is a positioning statement used to broadly support the college’s overall message strategy and brand. It is used with recruitment collateral, but is encompassing enough to be used in collateral for all COTC activities and engagements. The tagline should not be used individually; it should always appear in conjunction with the COTC logo. The tagline is stylized using specific colors and fonts. It should not be recreated in other fonts or colors. Like the logo, use of the tagline requires marketing approval anytime the tagline is used for print, digital or internal/external communications. 

COTC tagline (preferred)

COTC tagline in a single line

COTC tagline for email signature


COTC letterhead

COTC PowerPoint template

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How to use a PowerPoint template

Download the template and save it to the folder C:\Users\<your username>\Documents\Custom Office Templates. Make sure you save it as a POTx, not a PPTx file (i.e., Template not Presentation).

The template has multiple sections, created as guidelines.

  1. Intro
  2. Brand Guidelines
  3. Template Features
  4. Charts and Smart Art
  5. Accessibility

It is suggested you go through these sections and the notes in each slide – created to assist you in making impactful presentations.

  • Slide 16 under Design Notes is particularly important, when it comes to converting an old deck into the new format. It really depends upon how you had created your old slides – i.e., if you had used standard Master View layouts or not.
  • A new feature you will like is that when you select “New Slide”, you are offered a set of COTC-branded slide formats for your convenience. Please use one of these as much as you can – in future, it will help you copy/paste slides from one deck to another.
  • The Template file has 45 slides. Yes, 45! But most of them are design options and explanation of features. You can, of course, delete the ones you don’t need once you create your own slides.

Next time when you want to create a new PPT presentation, select New, and “Personal” in the section below it. And the COTC Template should come up as an option.

Cost-shared Visual Identity Guidelines

The cost-shared visual identity guide has been created to assist in the management of COTC and Ohio State Newark’s cost-shared visual identity. The examples include visual guidelines that offer a coherent and flexible solution for the public identity of both institutions. Please review these guidelines before using the visual identity elements below. 

Cost-shared visual identity guidelines


The logo is managed to appear consistently at the exact proportions and colors that it was created. Consistent and accurate use of the logo is critical to the branding success. All print and digital materials must display the logo correctly. Distortion or manipulation of the logo in any way is unacceptable. The logo must not appear stretched vertically or horizontally or altered in any way. The resolution of the logo must be high for visual clarity.

Cost-shared logo vertical (preferred)

Cost-shared logo horizontal (acceptable)


Cost-shared letterhead

Cost-Shared PowerPoint presentation, template and theme