Student ID


sample of COTC student IDAll COTC students are encouraged to get their free student ID. COTC student ID cards are issued by The Ohio State University BuckID system.

New students must be registered for classes before getting a COTC student ID. Students need to show a photo ID, provide a little information, and have a photo taken to get their COTC student ID. Students can go to the Department of Public Safety on the Newark campus in the Warner Center, #105, to get their COTC student ID, or students can have their photo taken at one of the COTC extended campuses: Coshocton, Knox or Pataskala, and get their student ID a few days later after the ID is created in Newark by Public Safety and sent to the extended campus for student pick-up.  

Students need a COTC student ID because it is used for many things. A student ID is needed to identify yourself as a COTC student when meeting and communicating with various departments on campus including the Office of Student Financial Aid. A student ID is needed to rent or purchase books in the bookstore and to use library resources.  

Money can be loaded on to a student ID and be used to purchase food and drinks in the Table of Contents cafeteria and coffee spots on the Newark campus. Some campus vending will also accept your student ID as payment as long as there is money on your student ID. Additionally, students are charged for printing services on campus which can be paid via your student ID.  

To load money onto your student ID, please visit​ and click on “Make a Deposit.” Funds may also be added to your COTC student ID over the phone by calling The Ohio State University ID Card Office at 614.292.0400. You must know your COTC ID card number and COTC email address.

A replacement student ID costs $20.00, and may be purchased online. Please keep your COTC student ID in a safe place.

Replacement Student ID $20.00