Katherine McCoy

Associate of Arts in Psychology

Student Spotlight
Headshot of Katherine McCoy

After being diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder alopecia universalis in 2016 and losing her hair to it, Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) student Katherine McCoy thought she had lost herself.

“Initially it was devastating for me. I felt as if I had lost my identity. Throughout the years, I have grown to accept and embrace my hair loss,” she said.

McCoy realized that a career helping others through their own difficulties would be the perfect way to redefine the possibilities of her life.

“We all have a battle that we are fighting. I want to understand the different and difficult struggles that burden humanity and pursue resolutions to help those who are suffering,” she said.

McCoy began an Associate of Arts in Psychology at COTC in August of 2020.

COTC’s flexibility of course formats and multiple campus locations made McCoy’s choice of where to study very easy. She did not, however, predict the amount of support she would receive from professors.

“Professor Lisa Varrasso and Professor Jaqueline Szmania have impacted my education tremendously. I’ve never felt alone while taking my courses and both sent multiple encouraging emails that motivated me to continue working hard toward my goal,” McCoy said.

Also, the online course platform has made completing coursework and juggling a job possible. She plans to graduate in 2022 and then continue her education to eventually complete law school.

“My dream career is to advocate for those who have lost their voice.”