Samuel Wolf

Radiologic Science Technology

Student Spotlight
Samuel Wolf sits in the grass.

In celebration of National Radiologic Technology Week® this November, COTC recognizes the vital work of faculty, students and alumni.

Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) radiologic science technology student Samuel Wolf is well on his way to his dream career as a pediatric radiology technologist thanks to the college’s highly regarded program and the connections it offers to students.

Wolf chose COTC because of its proximity to his home and affordability. As one of six children of a pastor, he knew that finding a program at a community college would be a financially responsible choice that would enable him stay close to home, get a great education and achieve his career goals.

“COTC’s radiology program has a great reputation in the small world that is radiology in Ohio. With a 100% pass rate on the national credentialing examination among previous classes and hearing great things from alumni, I decided to apply,” said Wolf.

COTC’s radiologic science technology program enrolls a small cohort of students at a time, so students typically experience a close-knit atmosphere with ample one-on-one time with professors should they need it. Wolf has experienced the supportiveness of the professors in the program in more ways than one.

“My professors have always been there to help me with questions, taken time to get to know me and my interests, sat down with me to talk about future career paths and helped me apply for various scholarships that I have received,” he said. “Their support has affected my confidence to perform well in clinicals and on the job as well as helping me take full advantage of resources available to me.”

Since beginning the radiologic science technology program in the autumn of 2020, he has had both academic and professional success. Wolf was invited to join COTC’S Ohio Delta chapter of Lambda Nu Honor Society for Radiologic and Imaging Sciences, elected class president and hired as a radiologic assistant at Nationwide Children’s Hospital while he finishes his education.

“Not only am I getting to work in a job in my career field, but I am also getting to work with pediatric patients, something that I have always been interested in and passionate about,” he said. “While being at COTC I have made lifelong friends; I have received a great education that has been affordable through various scholarships that have been presented to me; I have had the opportunity to network through previous alumni I have met during clinical rotations; and I am on track to graduate debt free and with honors.”

He will graduate in the spring of 2022 and hopes to continue working at Nationwide Children’s Hospital with a specialization in computed tomography (CT).