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COTC AU20 Tuition Payment Information:

Autumn 2020 Tuition & Fees are due by:  August 18, 2020 or the day of registration.

Your tuition account needs to be in a paid status to avoid late fees and/or the drop for non-payment/deregistration fees.  Pay online via COTCconnect!  Paid status can be achieved by:

Payment in Full
Using the COTC Tuition Payment Plan

COTC’s plan breaks your tuition into four installments over the autumn semester.  The payment plan form is available from the my.cotc.edu portal under College Finances – Paying for College.  Please print, completely fill out, sign, and return the form to Fees & Deposits along with 1/4 of your tuition plus the $27 service fee by the tuition due date.  Payment can be made online via COTCconnect and the form can either be faxed or scanned/emailed back to Fees & Deposits.

External Funding

Turning in an employer/agency sponsorship authorization/fee waiver/Ohio Tuition Trust or 529 payment request copy

Self-Identifying as a VA/GI Bill student

(contact the Office of Financial Aid)

Self-Identifying as a Consortium Fin Aid student

(contact the Office of Financial Aid)

Finalized Financial Aid

Please note that students with finalized financial aid will start seeing their grants and scholarships post to pay their tuition & fees balance on August 15, which is also the first day for book charges.  If your posted financial aid is not enough to cover your tuition and fees balance, you will need to pay your tuition and fees out of pocket.

COTC is on a deferred excess aid model; excess aid will not post to student accounts until the fifth week of the semester.  The last day to sign up or change direct deposit information for initial excess aid refunds is September 10.  Students not signed up for direct deposit will have any excess aid mailed as a paper check to their address on record.  Students wanting student loans must, in addition to completing the FAFSA and verification process (if applicable): complete a Master Promissory note and entrance counseling (studentloans.gov) AND separately accept the desired loan amount(s) on COTCconnect​.

Financial aid students must have eligibility and their financial aid finalized (completed) in order to be in a paid status.  Students not meeting these criteria need to pay in full or use the payment plan to get their tuition account in a paid status while they are still working on finalizing their financial aid.

Financial aid awards are based in part upon enrolled hours and satisfactory academic progress – you must attend your classes and maintain a passing academic average to keep your financial aid award eligibility.  Financial aid is earned based upon your successful academic participation – non-attendance (unofficial withdrawal), course drops, taking courses that are not on your plan of study, poor grades, and/or withdrawal from the College can severely impact your financial aid eligibility, create significant balances due on your student billing account, and prevent you from completing your educational goals.

Managing Your Refund

If it is necessary to change your schedule or drop classes, it is important to understand the .  Once you pass the 100% refund period for a course, you will be responsible for the entire cost of that class.  If you received financial aid for those classes, your aid could be reversed and you would be responsible to pay back any excess financial aid you received that you did not earn by dropping your classes.

If you are enrolled in classes that are scheduled aside from the basic term schedule, please be aware of their individual refund schedule.  These classes are referred to as Flex Courses and the refund schedule is found here:  .  Please make sure you are aware of the individual course refund pattern in the event you need to make a schedule change.​​

AU20 Excess Financial Aid Refund Schedule

Excess Aid at COTC is deferred until the 5th week of the semester. The excess financial aid refunding process will begin after aid is disbursed.  You will be notified by email to your COTC email account if a refund has been processed.

Sign up for direct deposit on COTCconnect under “My Student Financial Accounts” no later than September 10. Students not on direct deposit will be mailed paper checks and need to ensure the address reflected on their profile is correct and update it online if needed.

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*Unpaid financial obligations will result in a student’s account being sent to a collections agency to include associated late and collection cost expenses charges, for which the student will be liable.​​​​