Toby Starr

Business Management Technology

Portrait of Toby Starr.

Toby Starr

As Ohio public affairs manager for Intel Corporation, 2016 COTC graduate Toby Starr has a front-row seat to the exciting changes that are taking place as Licking County settles into its place at the center of the Silicon Heartland.

Building on the skills he honed during his time in COTC’s business management program, Starr quickly launched a trajectory that began with an associate degree, expanded to bachelor’s and master’s degrees and has placed him in a rewarding career in his home state.

“COTC helped me develop a very solid base of communication skills,” says Starr, who relies on his ability to network with various segments of the public as part of his everyday life. “That is something I’ve leaned on throughout my entire career. I think communication can solve most everything. My time spent (at COTC) helped me develop communication skills, not just through classes, but in connecting with professors who helped me grow into an adult.”

Those interactions with professors proved invaluable in Starr’s ability to gain the confidence it takes to help him succeed in his career, he says. And as he settles into his role, he’s thankful for the foundation he was able to build while staying
close to home.

“As the public affairs manager here in Ohio…my primary role is to engage with neighbors and community. That means a lot to me, because I am a neighbor and a part of this community,” he says. “I get to be the voice of the community to Intel and the voice
of Intel to the community.”