Student Financial Responsibility Agreement


Prior to registration, all non-high school option students will be required to sign a Financial Responsibility Agreement. This agreement reviews the student’s responsibility to pay their tuition and fees, what happens if classes are dropped, what happens if a balance is unpaid at the end of the term and additional information about receiving and earning financial aid.  Below are the steps to access and complete this agreement.

Start by logging into  Once there, access the menu under the Student Self Service Card: 

A screenshot of the student self-service menu.

Select the My Agreements link.  From here you will be redirected to a page listing any agreements you may have available.

Required Agreements Menu inside COTC Connect

Select View. Please read through the terms of the Agreement.  At that point you will want to accept the terms.  If you choose to decline, you will not be able to enroll for that term.  You will be asked if you would like to print the agreement for your records. 

Another Required Agreements Menu inside COTC Connect

It now shows a status of accepted.  As soon as your registration window begins, you should immediately be able to proceed with registration for that semester. 

Agreements will be signed with each semester of registration.  The new semesters agreement will be added a few weeks before registration opens for the upcoming window.  You can periodically check the My Agreements page to see any new agreements that have been signed.  If you have questions about the information in the agreement, please contact Student Financial Services.