Offering flexibility to meet your needs.

Learn about our five course-delivery options.

Professor working with student at computer

At COTC, we know that you need flexibility to fit your education around your busy life and individual needs.  That’s why we’re offering more flexibility in course-delivery options than ever before. Whether you prefer on-campus classes, virtual or a combination, COTC now offers five delivery options – on campus, hybrid, hy-flex, remote and online – as we build on our commitment to meet students where they are.

And while some courses that require hands-on participation cannot be delivered remotely, if students don’t initially see a course offered in their preferred delivery mode, COTC will work to add the option whenever possible.

  • On-campus: traditional face-to-face classes.
  • Hybrid: a portion of class sessions will meet for face-to-face instruction with other sessions utilizing remote learning (e.g., video lectures, online discussions, or activities).
  • Hy-flex: some students will attend an in-person lecture; other students will attend the live lecture via Zoom. Hy-flex courses will also use DTEN technology, an immersive online collaborative platform that will allow students across multiple COTC campuses to enroll in the same course.
  • Remote: course is offered remotely as either synchronous (live lectures scheduled on specific days/times) or asynchronous (recorded lectures accessible anytime). 
  • Online: course is offered entirely online without scheduled days/times to meet within the college’s learning management system (Canvas) and/or supplementary instruction resources, such as online math labs or e-books.