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How are classes offered at COTC?

At COTC, we know students need flexibility in their schedules. That’s why we offer and deliver face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses.

  • On-campus, face-to-face classes require students to a campus location on designated days and times. In some cases, students on all four COTC campus locations may attend the same class on the same day and time through DTEN technology. DTEN technology is only available in certain classrooms for streaming of live instruction by a faculty member. 
  • Online classes do not have scheduled days and times to meet. Students login to the college’s learning management system (Canvas) to complete their coursework.
  • Hybrid classes are a combination of face-to-face and online learning. There will be days and times where class meets on campus, but less frequently than a course that meets fully face-to-face.

When are classes offered?

Spring Semester 2023  Summer Semester 2023 Autumn Semester  2023
Full Semester Courses – January 9 Full Semester Courses – May 15 Full Semester Courses – August 23
First Term Courses – January 9   First Term Courses – August 23
Second Term Courses – March 6   Second Term Courses – October 16

What is the difference between a full semester course and a term course?

A full semester course is typically a 16-week course.

A term course is an accelerated class that is typically 8 weeks and begins the first or second half of fall or spring semester. Accelerated courses are not offered during the summer.

How do I decide whether to take a full semester course or a term, accelerated course?

Students who take full semester courses have more time to learn, as work is spread out over 16 weeks. In some cases, classes are only offered as full semester courses. Examples include classes that involve hand’s-on training, field experience or internship. 

Students who choose term, accelerated classes often appreciate the shorter time frame of approximately 8 weeks or have missed a deadline to register for full semester courses and simply start a little later in the semester. Typically, general education courses like math, English and Psychology are offered as term courses.

Both full semester and term, accelerated classes are eligible for financial aid. 

To learn more about taking classes at COTC, contact Admissions at or call 740-366-9222.

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