Nursing Technology Certificate Plan – State Tested Nurses Aide

2017-2018​ Central Ohio Technical College


Basic health care workers are needed in many areas within the health care continuum of wellness, acute care, and restorative care.  COTC prepares the student with the communication, basic personal care and safety skills required to become a STNA.  The course also provides a home health module, assisting the student to gain theory in home health care.  This certificate allows the student to take the state test for nurse aides. To become eligible to take the state testing examination, the student must successfully complete the following course at COTC:

Course Requirements

​NURS-001 or NURS-002

Basic Health Care Skills


Helpful Information 

  • This “program” is not currently eligible for Title IV financial aid. 

  • * Courses may have prerequisites. Please check course description to view all course prerequisites and requirements.

The College Reserves the Right to Change Curricula Without Notice
Published date – January 2016 
Office of Academic Affairs