TechCare Catalyst


Introducing TC

Introduced in 2024, TechCare Catalyst is the official mascot for Central Ohio Technical College. Affectionately known as TC, the mascot is a physical manifestation and reflection of COTC’s mission and values.

The story of our mascot begins with identifying who COTC is and what we do. Our mission is to meet the technical education and training needs of students and employers in the area. We value ourselves on being all of the following:

  • Helpful and inclusive: driven by compassion and the desire to care about others
  • Resilient and tenacious: driven by overcoming challenges through grit and determination
  • Forward-thinking and innovative: driven by a commitment to positive change

In form and spirit, our mascot embodies these values and represents our technical programs, public safety careers and healthcare offerings, creating the beginning of our new slogan: TechCare.

In addition to TechCare we include Catalyst, which changes its environment without itself undergoing any permanent change. COTC acts as a catalyst by definition, transforming the lives of our students, their families, and the communities we serve.

As a slogan, TechCare Catalyst embodies what we do. As a mascot, COTC Catalyst, or TC the cat, represents our values, mission and the impact we make on students and society.

TC Catalyst is the trademarked/licensed property of COTC and cannot be used without prior approval. Contact the Office of Marketing and Public Relations for details.