Knox Campus Advisors


Picture of Kathleen Knox

Name: Kathleen McNeil 

Title: Academic Advisor

Location: Knox Campus


Phone: 740.755.7411

Educational Background:
Bachelor of Technical Management, DeVry University, 2008
Associate of Applied Business in Business Management, Central Ohio Technical College, 2002

Hometown: Centerburg, Ohio

Advice to students:  A successful college career requires hard work, dedication and sacrifice.  Make time for class, studying and homework.  In the end, you are doing this for yourself.  Also, do not pick the career that makes the most money.  Pick a career you will enjoy and look forward to doing every day for the next 40 years or more.

Personal Philosophy of Advising: As an academic advisor, I want to see my students succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. I approach advising as a learning situation for all my advisees. My main goal of academic advising is to foster the development of critical thinking skills, problem-solving competences and a sense of full responsibility.  I want students to realize when meeting with me that they matter to the College and they are not known as their student identification number. I want them to let me know of successes and also let me know when they are struggling so I can help. I never want a student to leave feeling like they are marginalized. I will take the time needed when meeting with me.

Picture of Ellen Robinson

Name: Ellen Robinson 

Title: Academic Advisor

Location: Knox Campus


Phone: 740.755.7410

Educational background:
Bachelor of Arts in Humanities (Journalism), Purdue University

Hometown: Newark, OH

Advice to students: Don’t be too shy to ask questions of your instructors, advisors and other staff members – we want to help you be a successful student. Check your COTC email frequently! Please pay attention and take notes at New Student Orientation, during class lectures and meetings with your advisor. College requires hard work and dedication and it’s your responsibility to own your decisions and actions but look to your advisor as a teammate who can provide options so you can make good choices.

Personal philosophy of Advising: I believe good academic advising relies on a strong partnership between advisor and student. I enjoy celebrating accomplishments and providing support during struggles. I want you to be successful and enjoy your educational journey by leading you to various resources available. I’ll serve as your advocate while helping you become an independent learner.