General Education Philosophy


​COTC is fully committed to educating the whole person.  The college’s General Education philosophy is that every student should have many opportunities to develop knowledge, technical skills, self-reliance, and a sense of responsibility as a citizen of the community, the nation, and the world. This is accomplished through quality academic courses and experiences in communications, mathematics, lab science, social science, computer literacy, community and cultural awareness, and wellness. 

Each technology program at COTC includes general education courses the College regards as essential for the education of every student.  COTC has defined general education as a collection of courses that assist the student in acquiring:

  • Effective written and spoken communication skills;
  • Problem-solving and/or critical thinking Mathematical and computation skills;​​​
  • Natural and physical laboratory science skills;
  • Experiences in the social and behavioral sciences, arts and humanities, ethics, and cultural diversity;
  • Computer and information literacy

These studies allow a student to acquire the necessary abilities to obtain and keep a job, to listen and read with understanding, to speak and write clearly, to think soundly and to employ mathematics quickly and accurately.