Frequently Asked Questions


What documentation is required for admission?

A non-U.S. citizen is required to submit one of the following documents:

  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Asylee or Refugee documentation
  • I-94 Form
  • I-797 Notice of Deferred Action from USCIS (approval notice)
  • Visa or Passport showing visa status.
    • Visa status may impact whether a student can enroll full-time or part-time and restrict enrollment in some academic programs. 
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) – Employment authorization card.

All documentation must be submitted to the Gateway – Student Records office. Documentation must be submitted in person so a copy from the original can be made. If you want to submit documentation electronically, they must be notarized to verify authenticity.

Does COTC accept any visa?

COTC is not approved by the U.S. Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Services to issue I-20s or accept students seeking admission through an international student visa (F-1).

Individuals with valid non-immigrant visa status in the United States may be permitted to enroll. This includes, but is not limited to, F-2, E-2, H1B, J-2, L-2, J-1, H2B, etc., as well as individuals under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

For a complete list of visas and eligibility to enroll, review the Immigration and Customs Enforcement document “Nonimmigrants: Who Can Study.”

Do I need to submit my international high school and/or college transcripts?

Yes, students need to submit their international high school and/or college transcript for the following reasons:

  1. Consideration for admission into a selective health program.
  2. Potential transfer credit opportunities.
  3. Demonstrate completion of pre-requisites.
  4. Financial aid eligibility (if applicable).

Do I need to have my international high school and/or college transcripts evaluated (and why)?

Yes, you will need to have your international high school and/or college transcript evaluated.

  1. Students applying to a selective health program must submit the following:
    1. Students who would like credit evaluated for potential placement for Biology, Chemistry, English and Math must submit:
      1. A course-by-course evaluation of high school transcripts with GPA (for pre-college course waivers).
      2. Course-by-course evaluation of college transcripts (for transfer credit).
    2. If the high school transcript includes college credit, request the evaluator to provide separate evaluation of high school and college courses.
  2. For all other programs, submit general evaluations of academic credentials.
    1. A general evaluation of high school transcript with GPA.
    2. A general evaluation of college transcripts with GPA; if transfer credit is requested, a course-by-course evaluation with GPA will be required.


  • General evaluations are known as general reports or document-by-document evaluations.
  • Course-by-course evaluations are known as Detail Report, Course Analysis, or Detailed Evaluation.
  • Transcript evaluations can take several weeks to be fully processed. Start the process early.
  • Most evaluators offer a rush delivery evaluation for an additional fee.
  • Before sending documents to an evaluator, visit their website to learn more about the process, prices, and documents required.

Where do I have my international transcripts evaluated?

Any National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) current member can be used for transcript evaluation.

COTC has partnered with SpanTran, a NACES member, to simplify the request process for applicants. To request a transcript evaluation through SpanTran, please submit the SpanTran Application for COTC

Visit to view a list of current members eligible to evaluate transcripts. Please review each agency for details on prices, timeline, and documentation requirements. Some agencies will accept copies of transcripts, but others will require official transcripts to be sent directly from the school, college, or university you attended.

What if I can’t get my transcript?

Students who are unable to get their transcripts due to conditions within the country where the institution is located are encouraged to contact the Embassy and request a statement that transcripts are not obtainable.

Students also have the option to take the GED to establish high school diploma equivalency.

Can I apply for financial aid?

Contact Student Financial Services at or 740.366.9435

You can also visit to learn about whether you might be eligible for federal financial aid.

How do I apply to COTC?

Visit the Steps to Enroll to get started for instructions on how to start your application for admission. Please note that applications are due at least one week prior to the start of the semester in which you plan to enroll. If you need to have your international high school and/or transcripts evaluated, please allow extra time for processing.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

You are encouraged to schedule an appointment with an admission representative. You can schedule online at Or if you have a quick question, you can call 740.366.9222 or email

Where can I get support with English as a Second Language (ESL)?

COTC partners with the Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County (C-TEC) to provide ESL classes at no cost. ESL classes are available at COTC’s Pataskala Campus and at C-TEC in Newark.  

For more information, visit