Fire Science Technology – Learning Outcomes


Firefighter posing with jacket draped over his shoulder

The COTC Fire Science Technology Program awards an Associate of Applied Science Degree through an excellent curriculum designed to provide education and skills essential for those who are seasoned professionals seeking career advancement and for those who are new to Fire Science and EMS professions and would like to pursue a career in these fields. COTC’s Associate Degree was the first FESHE recognized program in central Ohio. 

​​​​​​Fire Science Learning Outcomes​​

​At the completion of the plan of study, students with an Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science will be able to:

  1. Apply strategies, tactics and Incident Command/Incident Management skills to emergency incidents
  2. Application of management and leadership principles to Fire Department operations, inter-agency cooperation and implementation of policies and procedures
  3. Development of skills and education for employment and advancement in Fire and Emergency Services
  4. Identify, examine and apply current and emerging concepts and practices Fire and Emergency Services
  5. Exhibit an understanding of basic principles of safety related to firefighter life safety initiatives and focusing on the need for cultural and behavioral change in Fire and Emergency Services
  6. Identify the knowledge/skills required for operation, testing, inspection and maintenance of automated fire protection and suppression systems as well as operation at facilities equipped with these systems.​