Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant


The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) is free assistance funded by the federal government and awarded by COTC. Recipients must be enrolled in an undergraduate program leading to a certificate or associate’s degree and meet all other required eligibility criteria, including Satisfactory Academic Progress.  SEOG is awarded to students with exceptional financial need, low Expected Family Contribution, and a Federal Pell Grant recipient.

To receive SEOG, the student must submit the FAFSA by February 1st and all verification materials by April 15. The maximum SEOG award for an academic year is $600 but is subject to change based on availability of federal funds.  SEOG is distributed evenly over Summer, Autumn and Spring semesters (maximum of $200 each semester). The student may receive SEOG as long as he continues to meet all eligibility criteria.