Faculty Handbook



The Faculty Handbook is a reference for Central Ohio Technical College faculty members concerning College policies, administrative information and procedures, and general information deemed to be useful to College personnel. 

The Handbook is designed to provide important information, but it is recognized that questions may arise that are not covered. 

The Faculty Handbook is an evolutionary document; changes and additions may occur as necessary.  In rare instances, there may be statements remaining in the Handbook which are contradictory to the language of the AFT/OFT collective bargaining agreement.  In such instances, the collective bargaining agreement has precedence.

Getting Acquainted with COTC 

Academic Administration Directory
Academic Division Information​
Academic Policies and Procedures​
Campus Locations
Human Resource Policies (including Drug and Harassment Policy)
Information and Technology Services (ITS)
​GetStarted with (ITS) (you will be redirected to myCOTC)​

Must Do / Must Know

Class Rosters
Grad​​e Changes
Incomplete Grades​
Final ​Grades​
Final​ Exams
Unauthorized Class Visitors
​Class Cancellations /​ Absences/ Substitutes / Field Trips​​

Teaching Resources  

Campus Services and Resources 

​Faculty Office Information
Computer log-in
Identification Cards
Office Assignments
Parking Information

Services for Faculty and Students
Center for Student Success
Emergency procedures
IT Services
Maintenance services

​Other Campus Information
Academic Freedom and Responsibility
Advisory Committees
Alumni Services
Athletic Services
Career Services
Committee Participation
Continuing Education/Professional Development
COTC Organizational Chart
Counseling Services
Faculty Council
Financial Aid
Food Services
Human Resources
Mileage Reimbursement
Personnel files - Academic
Personnel policies, procedures, and forms
Student Awards
Travel and purchase guidelines
UF/COTC Faculty Union

Other Faculty Resources

Annual Faculty Narrative Form – WORD
Faculty Narrative – Annual
Comprehenseive Faculty Narrative – WORD
Faculty Narrative – Comprehensive
COTC Faculty Council Service Learning Experience Agreement
Online Course Development Approval Form
eLearning Development Guidelines 2018
Faculty Submission Guidelines for Comprehensive Evaluation
Final Evaluation – Word
Final Evaluation – PDF
In Class Faculty Observation Form – WORD
In Class Faculty Observation Form – PDF
Mentoring Evaluation
Mentoring Report
Program Review Information
Services Center Copy Request