English and Communications


Statement of Purpose

The goal of the English and Communications Department is to provide and assess quality learning opportunities in which students actively work to develop their skills in reading, writing, researching, speaking, listening, and thinking.​ The student will be able to read, comprehend, and analyze the power of written and spoken words; determine audience needs and convey ideas using written, spoken, and presentational communication skills in individual and group settings.

​Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize Standard American English (SAE) in both written and oral communication.​
  • Synthesize one’s own thinking with information from credible, documented sources.
  • Construct both written and oral communication, emphasizing a correctly prepared introduction, a well-organized body, and an effective conclusion.
  • Apply appropriate methods of planning, drafting, and revision in both written and oral communication. 

​​Please contact the Gateway-Admissions Office, located on the Newark Campus in the Hopewell Mall  (740-366-9222), for further information regarding the English and Communications course offerings at Central Ohio Technical College.