Emergency Medical Services Certificate Plan – Advanced EMT

2016-2017 Central Ohio Technical College


Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

Central Ohio Technical College offers a course in Advanced Emergency Medical Technician for those persons interested in furthering their EMT Training.

EMS-150 Advanced EMT 8 credit hours
10 contact hours (7 hours lecture and 3 hours lab) 

    To be eligible to enroll in this course, a person must:

    1. Have current Ohio certification as an EMT.
    2. Have submitted a completed COTC Application for Admission and paid the COTC Application Fee.
    3. Valid current AHA CPR for HealthCare Provider certification (or complete EMS 100).
    4. Pass an National Background Check.
    5. Pass a drug test.
    6. File a completed immunization/health history form with EMS program office.​

    ​Course Description

    8 credit hours, 10 contact hours (7 hours lecture and 3 hours lab) 

    Prerequisite: Must be a State Certified EMT; C grade (2.00) or better in GENR-091 and MATH-080 (or appropriate score on COMPASS placement). Course is graded A-F.

    Advanced EMT offers specialized subject matter, laboratory, clinical and vehicle experiences designed to prepare EMTs to provide advanced life support in the pre-hospital phase of an emergency. Instruction includes patient assessment, trauma-triage, airway management, intravenous, intramuscular, and subcutaneous administration of medications, intravenous therapy, EKG monitoring and defibrillation, advanced study of the pathophysiology of illness and injuries, delivery and newborn care. The personnel trained may be members of fire departments, police departments, or other agencies that are involved in the emergency treatment and rescue of people. Course includes 50 hours of directed practice time.

    In this course, a student must earn a B- grade (3.00) or better and pass the final exam with a minimum 70 percent in order to be eligible to sit for the National Registry of EMTs exam.

    Helpful Information

    • ​EMS-150 meets Ohio CTransfer (C-Tag) Assurance Guide standards for course CTEMTI003.

    • This “program” is not currently eligible for Title IV financial aid.

    The College Reserves the Right to Change Curricula Without Notice
    Published date – January 2016
    Office of Academic Affairs