Early Childhood Education Technology – Learning Outcome


​Statement of Purpose

​The Early Childhood Education Associate Degree Program is designed to prepare qualified individuals in the field of early childhood development and education.  Graduates will meet the needs of the early childhood community prepared as professionals ready to assume positions as early childhood teachers or assistants, program administrators, family service workers or continue their formal and informal educational path in a related field of study.

Program Learning Outcomes

To accomplish these goals the Early Childhood Education Program endorses the following student learning outcomes:

  • Evaluate, demonstrate and promote child development and learning through healthy and appropriate environments for all children.  NAEYC standard 1: Promoting child development and learning.
  • Support family and community relationship building involvement in children’s development. NAEYC standard 2: building family and community relationships.
  • Observe, document and assess support for young children and families for positive child development.  NAEYC standard 3: Observing, documenting and assessing to support young children and families.
  • Design, implement and evaluate teaching and learning experiences that promote positive best practices for all young children.  NAEYC standard 4: Using developmentally effective approaches to connect with children and families.
  • Utilizing and support an integrated curriculum that promotes inquiry based teaching and learning.  NAEYC standard 5: Using knowledge to build meaningful curriculum
  • Build upon a professional place in the early childhood community through collaboration, advocacy and informed resources.  NAEYC standard 6: Becoming a professional.​